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Hi there, I'm new to the forum. My husband and I have been on a journey to find a shelter dog for the past few months. It's been hard because we live in an apartment and have family we want a dog to get along with as well as kids in the family. We found one that we ended up having to give back because he was leash aggressive as well as visitor aggressive. It was very emotional and hard because he was our little shadow around the house and enjoyed being near us. However, he lunged and chased every stranger and dog, unless it was a small dog.

It's a few months later and we've adopted a little poodle mix of some sort that was a stray. We named him Sully. The shelter had no info on the poor guy, but he has some gum and teeth problems. He also needs has matting. Unfortunately he's having issues with visitors. He barks, growls and tries to bite them. However, he is good on a leash outside. He seems like he would be a little afraid of people outside, but hasn't reacted as of yet. He doesn't seem to care about other dogs. He peed once or twice inside, but he has also let us know once or twice that he wanted to go I think when it comes to that, he's just getting use to the new schedule. We are really just worried about his aggression towards strangers visiting and hoping it changes, but because of our previous experience I'm a little upset. I'm also waiting patiently for his vet visit and getting him his meds.
Other than that, he is a cute little dog that needs a haircut and LOVES belly rubs.


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