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for decades, Calif has tried to reduce smog by limiting auto-emissions & other industrial sources of airborne pollutants & toxins.
One of the revered statistics in the calculation of estimated pollutants said that only 4% of nitrous oxides came from *soil*.

New research has entirely debunked that comforting myth; fully 40% of Calif's smog-producing ozone actually comes from the "other" industry, INDUSTRIAL FARMING.
More than 50% of fertilizers are never used by crops, but are washed into surface streams or groundwater, or ENTER the AIR - as NO2 / nitrous oxide, or degraded into ozone.

Airplane samples of the air over the Central Valley showed a massive spike in nitrous oxides - & no 8 or 12-lane freeways are there, to explain the source away as "vehicle emissions".
This is not good news - but nonetheless, it's good to know, & it's even better that it's in Calif. // Their legislature will respond, & new methods of determining when or if soils ***need*** fertilizers, plus the use of slow-release fertilizers & pre-application soil tests, will become standard.

The amount of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, & cide-cides manufactured & used annually in the USA, is stunning.
That so much of it is wasted or needless is abominable. // Our air, water, & soils are being deluged with toxins, & there is little oversight of the BigAg industry's chemical laboratory - which happens to be the nation, & in the larger perspective, the planet.

National or state boundaries mean nothing when it comes to air, water, & soil pollution - they all move, & we cannot control where they move, or when.
Dirt from the Dust Bowl was swept off the decks of ships, hundreds of miles east of the U-S East Coast; agricultural chemicals applied in Penna arrive in the Chesapeake Bay within a few days, & all the ag-chems from Ohio contribute to the Dead Zone in the Mississippi delta, at the river's mouth.

Petty lines that humans draw on maps mean nothing to a living, breathing planet - which is intimately interconnected. DDT was a significant toxin in the breastmilk of polar bears for decades, & is still present - nobody's growing cornfields in the Arctic.
We humans need to clean up our act, collectively & individually.

- terry

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