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Hi there,
We took in a 3 month male lab/heeler mix. Its been a while since we had a puppy. Took him into the vet's about a month ago and he received all his new puppy shots and they dewormed him because he had worms. He is doing great now.
He just has been drinking a ton of water and urinating just as much. I know he is still training his bladder but I feel he is going to the bathroom way more than what a puppy should. After he eats within minutes he has a huge stool. And is constantly hungry. We give him the recommended amount of food but he acts like he is starving.
When ever he urinates its always a ton, not yellow in color. He seems to urinate every 45 mins or so.
He eats an organic grain free mix that we get at our local health food store.
Is all this sound normal for a puppy?
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Yes it sounds normal, but if there is any question I would take a pee sample to the vet and have it checked. If he has had no potty training he will not get the whole holding it thing at 3 months. With the lab being in the mix The food and water thing is very normal. Most labs I know are food hounds. Since he had worms, make sure they are gone and he is not still feeding them.
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