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I never own a dog before and don't have any experience with them, i welcome any information or suggestion.
For being a first time owner, I figured a mixed breed, maltipoo would be suitable for my lifestyle and experience. I found a cute female one being at 6 weeks online and planned to bring her home on 8 weeks. her mom Maltese is 7lb and dad poodle is 8 or 9 lb I think. I was told that she is a smaller one. I don't care much the size, big or small, so I didn't ask much questions in the beginning. From things I read online, I was expecting about 2lb puppy by now (8 weeks now). But she is less than a pound, and the breeder says she likes to keep her for 2 more weeks for her not being so independent and vet also suggested not to send her off now. She looks active and playful from a video clip I got from her. I am now concerned about her being underweight and I don't know what to expect from smaller puppy among the litters. I don't care if she is runt or not as long as she catches up growing and healthy. can a puppy this small ever catch up growing and still be healthy? I wanted a puppy so I can have a full experience of owning a first dog. But now I am concerned my inexperience is not good for such a small ones. I can use any inputs and information about runt puppies. thank you for reading a long message.
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