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New Puppy Parent- Thank you.

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Hello All!

My name is Kirstin and I am Tux's Mum!

That little terror above is my 14 week old Cavachon Tux. He is both an absolute dream and nightmare (but in the cute kiss you after peeing on the carpet way). Currently he is sleeping next to me on the bed, which is good considering I am a law student and have a ridiculous amount of reading to get through. :bashself:

I just wanted to introduce myself and my little guy, and also say thank you. I got Tux five days ago now, and I have had SERIOUS puppy blues. I love this little monster, but I am so afraid I am not going to be able to take care of him or that it is not fair that he only has me and he deserves a big old family with kids (see the rambling?).

I have had dogs before (same breed) and I knew the workload coming my way. I think getting him, paired with my schoolwork has really just gotten to me. Also the fact that I moved 700 miles away from home to go to law school and got a puppy in about two months probably isn't helping the stress levels :headshake:

But anyhow, I wanted to thank you all for the threads on the puppy blues. Knowing that it can and will get better is helping me cope. I know I can be enough for him, and I will be. So thanks for helping me realize that, even if it took like four nights of crying and thinking I was insane. Sure I am still going to have the moments of anxiety, but I now know there is another side to it. :eek:
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Welcome to the forum!

Aww, puppy blues. Who knew?! :eek:

Any problems, cute pictures, milestones... Really, whatever.. Don't hesitate to post! :D

I recommend going through the stickies in the training section when you can, they are so informative. :)
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