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New puppy in the house, not sure of his mix

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We brought a puppy into our home a couple months ago now, we wanted a companion for our 3 year old deaf BC/Husky mix Molly.

His name is Ichabod and he is turning out to be a great puppy. My Wife was told he is an Aussie / Texas Heeler mix. (mother is an Aussie, father is a Texas Heeler). We were looking for a herding type pooch as we figured it would suit our active outdoor lifestyle.

We seem to be getting numerous comments from folks we run into on hiking trails and at the dog parks and dog beach that he looks like he has Catahoula in him.

I did some initial research and he does seem to (sort of anyways) look the part. He hasn't exhibited any herding tenancies or traits yet at all, and isn't really too interested in the whole fetch and return thing. Our last Aussie mix was mental for playing fetch from a wee puppy, and was herding our three cats from the onset.

Ichabod seems to have a very high prey drive (I guess that is what they call it), and is always nose to the ground tracking a scent it seems. He has massive webbed feet, loves to howl and talk back, and is strong as an ox.

We love him to bits, he is fitting in well in our home, Molly and him are quickly becoming best friends, and while I don't really care what exactly makes up his mixture, the number of "hey. it's a Catahoula" comments we hear have made us a little curious.

Anyways, here he is. 5 months old and 40 pounds of 110% energy.

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Oh my goodness what a gorgeous boy!!!:dog-love:
When I first saw him I immediately thought great dane but the more I look the less I see it. His paws look huge so there must be something big in him.

I'm not very good at guessing breeds just wanted to say how lovely he is, and he sounds like quite a character from you'r description. :)
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