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Hi all,

New puppy owner here! Six days ago my partner and I got an 8 week old Goldendoodle named Chili. She is gorgeous and smart and also a little bit crazy! Of course we know this is normal and are patient with her.

For the past 4 nights she has slept 7 straight hours in her crate. She is also able to spend 2 hours alone in her crate when I am in another room of the apartment (without crying, I might add). So all in all, I think she's made some really incredible progress.

My partner goes to the office to work every day and I work from home. This is a blessing when it comes to working on crate training but I am finding it quite difficult - emotionally, that is. I am struggling with feeling like I can't get much work done. I also can sometimes have a hard time tiring her out - which is a challenge when I need to take phone calls or be productive.

If anyone has tips for puppies while working, I would love to hear your stories! Whether you work from home or an office, I would really like to know what you did and how you did it. I like working from cafes but right now I feel guilty leaving the house. All in all, I don't quite feel like myself and I'm working on adjusting. Any and all tips/stories are welcome!

Glad to be a part of this forum and I look forward to sharing Chili's successes!
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