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The mom looks like a full blood McNab border collie - my niece has one and here in Idaho McNabs are fairly common. I think they are pretty common in most of the western states where sheep and cattle were/are part of an area's history. I'm in Idaho...cattle country along with some sheep and the McNab's are seen as much as the longer hair version border collies.

The dad...I know you mentioned he was a mix of two dog breeds, regular border collie and probably red heeler (Australian cattle dog)...I have never heard the term catrle before as far as a dog breed goes. And the Australian cattle dog, at least in my part of the Idaho is almost always called a blue heeler as that's the most common color, but we also have some red heelers here too.

Some red and blue heelers (Australian cattle dogs) have naturally floppy ears.
However, it could even be that some of the dad's back pedigree could have some Australian their coats are more 'furry' than the longer hair-like fur of a regular border collie, and Australian Shepherds can also have 'floppy' ears as well as that reddish coloring.

Your puppy, to me looks like a McNab more than anything else...took after his mom.
Some McNabs are a little furry looking as puppies - then shed that puppy coat and become slick haired dogs. Or, he might have picked up some of the furry-ness from his dad...which, I think comes from some Australian shepherd that might be in his father's pedigree.

Given the McNab and regular border collie in him...I can tell you he's going to be 100 percent nuclear powered...I hope you have the means to let him unleash all that energy. Those dogs were bred to run and work hard all day long, and they are super intelligent so they can get bored Really Fast. Basing this upon my niece's dog and also on those owned by some rancher friends of mine. I always got the impression that they were like muscle sports cars...engines revving all the

I'm old and slow...chose a golden are adaptable...can hike all day for those more active or can be just as content as couch potatoes...with some play activity built into their schedule each day. But border never seem to tire. :p

Cute puppy...have you named him yet?

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