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Hi all,

I have been looking into buying a one of those pet health tracking collars like Fitbark or Whistle but they are all over $100 and I've herd they're not overly durable / can fall off the collar. I then herd about HealthyHound. I was pretty excited because its basically half the price. I already have mine but I just saw that they currently have a 10% off promotion and I thought I would share it with you fellow dog lovers.

I honestly love it and it, Its super easy to use and my little Leo doesn't even know its on him. I live in a very rural area where he is free to roam so my favourite feature is the GPS tracker so I can be at ease knowing he is not wandering or getting close to roads.

Heres the add I saw - for those of you who decide to try it out I hope you loe it as much as I do :)

- Alicia & Leo
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