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What pet care service would you use most?

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I would like to introduce myself and my prospective pet care services coming to Lincoln Nebraska. I am a current business student at Wesleyan University. I am creating a plan for a business providing elite level care to the pets of Lincoln. Upon graduation next year I will be launching my new business; Charlie's Pet Care Services. The company is named for my dad who has inspired me with his dedication to caring for animals and unwavering compassion toward them.

The business will focus on providing service such as dog walking, boarding, drop in visits, training and more. A portion of the proceeds will go toward providing services to pet parents who require help but are unable to afford pet care otherwise. My vision is to ensure that elderly and disabled pet parents won't have to give up their pets because the are no longer able to care for them.

I am asking the pet parents of Lincoln to give their opinion on the potential services that will be made available upon the launch of the company. I am posting a poll where you can tell me what service you would like the most. Your feed back is much apricated and is vital for building a company that will put your pet's needs first. If you are interested in learning more about the services please leave a reply.

-Amanda E.
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