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Hello all,

I'm an MSc Publishing student researching a potential new product for Merchiston Publishing. Some of you may remember a market research survey I posted on here a few weeks ago - it has generated 170 responses so far so a big thank you to all who responded!

In light of the results of the initial survey, I have now composed a short follow-up survey to find out whether adults who love dogs would be interested in the product I am proposing. You can participate in this survey even if you did not complete the initial survey.

The product I am considering for my proposal is a new adult edition of the Scottish classic 'Greyfriars Bobby' by Eleanor Atkinson. For those who don't know the story: the novel is based on the true story of a little Skye terrier who lived in Edinburgh during the 19th century. Bobby became famous due to his display of devotion to his deceased master - he visited the man's grave until his own death.

Unfortunately, the Skye terrier breed is now endangered. I would market this product in order to raise awareness of the status of the breed, and I hope to donate a percentage of the profits to a dog protection or preservation charity if my proposal is successful.

Please follow this link to complete the survey - Greyfriars Bobby

It is much shorter than the previous one so it shouldn't take long to complete. Alternatively, if you have any opinions or advice you would like to share with me regarding this product and would prefer to do so by email, you can contact me at [email protected]

Thank you again for all of your help so far!

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