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Hi, I'm here with my dog Banksy and am looking forward to reading the forums. Banksy is a French Bulldog and is currently 8 weeks old. He is still with his breeder and will be coming home Saturday morning, so I felt this was an appropriate time to post!

I am in the veterinary field and love all things French Bulldog. I have another dog, a Maltipoo named Brynna, who spends her days with my kids or laying around on her own. She loves to be a loner and I'm looking forward to bringing my new baby home so I have a sidekick again! I lost my last French Bulldog unexpectedly last year and he was my shadow.

Anyway, Banksy has an Instagram page if you are so inclined to follow and want to see adorabull photos every day! @banksy.the.frenchie

And here is a photo of my little man from last week's visit:

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