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Hello everyone. I have a Shih Tzu baby and now he's 1yr and 7mos. Actually, I treat him as my second son. :)
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yes I have one here in my pc. It's my sister in-law who took this photo. lol
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Lately, I noticed that her left arm is not well. Like she walks not so comfortable. Is there any wrong like what they said TPLO?
Yeah yeah... I have also read some pieces of information here Learn TPLO Surgery for Dogs, Treatment & Recovery | TPLOInfo . Just want to be sure, coz I also lost a dog once, just last month. So basically it's a surgery that will be given to a dog that has a leg injury, for Uno, I think it was just some minor case.
Hi welcome to the forum!
hi.. whats your dog? :)
What do you do if your dog won't mate?
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