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Hi there! My name is Hannah and I live in Iowa with my 2 dogs. I have a 5 year old german shorthaired pointer named Kano & an 8 month old bloodhound named Jethro. We live on 2 acres surrounded by 100+ acres of corn crops. My boys are farm dogs, no doubt.
Kano is strong, fierce, brave & full of energy. He is the protector, we count on him to guard the property. He has many kills under his belt (not as many as our cat, who is a master mouse & rabbit killer, but don't tell him that). He loves to go hunting with my husband (best bird dog around) and his second love is swimming. He is tough on the outside, but he still loves to cuddle with mom. I also joke that he is my chunky boy (at heart), because he loves his snacks.
Jethro is smart, intuitive & good-natured. He is a very sweet, loving boy. He is not as brave as Kano & he often looks to him for support. It is quite comical to see the 80+ pound big ole' hound dog with his tail tucked behind the 60 pound string bean bird dog (to be fair, he is as fierce as any 100 pound guardian dog that I've seen). He is gaining confidence as he gets older & I am hopeful Kano will show him the way. He loves to sniff all day long, classic bloodhound. My husband is currently training him to track animals- deer specifically & he does such a good job. He is very willing to work & willing to please. He loves cuddles and although he's at about 80+ pounds right now, he still wants to sit on your lap.
I love forums & I am excited to join! Sorry for the long post & picture dump- but just love to share! 馃グ
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