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New Dog T-Shirt Store. Helping raise money for dog homes.

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Hi everyone!

I've just successfully launched my new online store Paw to Paw! We are really passionate about dogs and wanted to create a new range of dog t-shirts, eventually having a huge range of diverse breeds to choose from. As a volunteer at dog homes across the UK, i really wanted to try and give back and help raise some money for abandoned dogs! We currently donate 10% of profits but want to increase this once we get our feet of the ground.

Tell us what you think! I've already received some orders and am super excited about the future! We are still in the infancy stages but are working incredibly hard to get what needs done. If you'd like to take a look you can find us at or follow us on twitter and instagram!

Also if you have any ideas for the next shirt designs (remember to include a cute little hat for each breed) i'd love to hear your ideas!

Many thanks!
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why did you put the Dobermann in the hound section?
he not part of the groups 3,4 or 10 after all.
and they most of the time work in similiar situation than Schäfi, Boxer and Rottweiler.
wouldn't he be better in the working dog section?
and why the ears? ;n;
It is not allowed anymore in the FCI to cut off the ears.

I think the design of the corgi and the Bernhardiner is very good. The Boxer looks a bit weird because the lips don't look like they're part of the mouth. you wanted him to smile, but this doen't work with this breed in this way, in my opinion.
Where on earth did you get the dobermann picture? Ear cropping is not allowed in the UK and that collar!! Whom are you targetting with that image? :eek:

Sorry to sound so harsh but lots of people are already afraid of dobermanns, so to present them as devil dogs is not a good idea. And a dobermann is a working dog, not a hound. I'm sure that oversight can easily be corrected.

Rest of the pix are OK and I wish you good luck with your venture.
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