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My youngest sister randomly decided she didn't want her dog who has anxiety (from abuse before we got her) anymore at 9 PM last night, so I had to make the trip to get another crate and pick up the dog. She threatened to "let her run" or to "find a stranger" for her, which made me very upset because she is anxious and scared of men, so I knew she'd end up at the shelter and possibly be considered "aggressive."

This dog has met my dogs only a handful of times, but she never seems to remember them. She is not fixed and neither is my male dog, so he is EXTREMELY interested in her (smelling, following her around, cornering her so he can smell her, licking where she has sat, etc). I have an appt to get her spayed asap but we're experiencing snow so getting out is hard as I live down a dirt path, in the middle of the woods, off a road that isn't a priority so it doesn't get salted. I have a coupon to get her fixed for cheap from a vet that does charity help, but I have been saving up to get my male fixed since he doesn't have a coupon and will apparently cost a few hundred dollars.

My female dogs (spayed) are getting along with her, although she's still anxious and scared. She has allowed the females to smell her without much anger, although we've had ONE problem in the past. She gets along with very small dogs best, like the other dog at my mother's house and my small dog Trinket, so she is OK but is weary of Maddie (my pit). Clearly, she doesn't like Hades, who is also a large dog (pit.) He's just licking, smelling, following her around, and whining.

How can I help them get along (and possibly stop the whining)? I don't know if my work is closed today, but most businesses are closed and we've been "delayed" but it's supposed to start snowing again so I may end up being here all day. If I can try things today or throughout this week and into the weekend to help, please give me ideas. I don't want her to be so anxious but I realise Hades is just doing what dogs do and I don't blame him for his instinct, but getting everyone to the vet for this was planned out in advanced to avoid these things and my SISTER is the one who had changed the timeline. (I was more than likely taking this dog in the future, regardless.)

Update: My male dog and large female has taken to peeing all over the floor anytime I let the new dog outside to go potty. I don't know what this means?
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