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New collars + some goofing off

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So I think I'm officially a collar addict... The girls got their new collars a couple weeks ago and I am very tempted to order a couple more, but so far I'm doing a good job holding back. Anywho my models... Really love the white one with hearts on both girls, but kinda wishing I got the blue as a 1.5" collar instead then I'd probably like it better on Abby....

And lastly just some of Karma goofing off today after our training session.

"What is this stay you speak of?"

her new(old) favorite toy


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Very nice pictures! I was just at a Global Pet expo, and these were pretty popular there..I like them!
@laceyj19 I ordered them from collar mania! Seriously love their work!
Collar Mania Custom Dog Collars - Home
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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