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Hi! I am new to Dog Forum and in need of some advice! We picked up Daisy(a beautiful Blue Tick Coonhound!) Monday night from a friend of the previous owner who sadly passed away last week(so she has been to 2 new houses & environments since Monday).
Here is a little bit of info about Daisy from the owners girlfriend who is a coworker: as far as we know she is 2-3 years old and had a litter if 11 puppies 3 months ago. She was mainly kept outside with the Male dog and puppies. She was allowed in at night and slept in the house and only had accidents in the house a couple of times. She did get aggressive with the male dog occasionally. Since we got Daisy Monday night(6/13) she has been mainly timid and shy. She won't go into our kitchen with linoleum flooring and we have to walk out into the grass with her for her to go to the bathroom.We have an older(12-13 year old) female golden retriever and a 6 year old son.
We are keeping her in a crate we bought during the day since we are still unsure of her behavior and if she is really housebroken or not. She will whine and howl when we put her in it and does not go in willingly.(she stops howling after a few minutes)she tries everything to avoid it.we are keeping our golden retriever in the basement with her during the day as well because she(golden retriever) is urinating in the upstairs living room if we leave her alone.
I have ran with the new blue tick coonhound around the neighborhood on a leash the last 2 evenings and she has done great with that and didn't even notice a cat sitting in someone's driveway.
The night of the 14th we let Daisy the new dog lay on our old dog Mia's bed. When Mia went up to sniff the bed which Daisy was not laying on at the time,Daisy became aggressive and started growling & howling/barking and circling Mia.we separated them and they slept in separate bedrooms and seemed fine.
Then yesterday I took Daisy to the vet for a checkup. She received her vaccinations,a microchip and heartworm test. She was very shy and skiddish at the vet.After coming home and feeding her dinner(approximately 15 min.),she went upstairs to our front living room & popped on the floor and peed in the dining room. I probably should have let her out to go the bathroom immediately after feeding her.
We went for a run/walk around the neighborhood with Daisy and we had dinner later and both dogs were fine and both layed in the dining room while we ate dinner. Then around 9-930pm when we were all in the living room,the dogs were both standing up and sniffing each other. At first we thought Daisy wanted to play because she kind of bent down & jumped around Mia. Then Mia sniffed Daisy around her neck and she started growling & howling/barking around Mia's face and circling her again.
My husband doesn't think it will work and doesn't want her to continue to act like this towards our other dog or worse,to do that to our son,which she doesn't seem so interested in,she will come up to him if he calls her or talks to her but doesn't stay long.
He wants to find a new home for her already and I think we should wait a few more days till maybe Monday which will make a week since she has been at our house. She has been through a lot since last Tuesday when her owner passed away and she is so pretty and has been ok around my husband,son and I. Just not our older other dog. I don't want to find another home for her just yet because she is so new but she may need to be rehomed to a family that has no other pets and a big fenced in yard for her to roam and run. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas or suggestions to keep the peace between the dogs. Thanks,sorry for being so long. Just want to be as detailed as possible!

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A tough situation you're in but one that can be fixed.
Daisy is most likely peeing for territorial reasons and is more dominant than Mia as well as possessive with the incident of the bed. These two strange dogs have just been put together with no proper introduction.
The crate is supposed to be a safe place for her to rest so here's how to fix the whining/howling.
Now that she doesn't want to willingly enter in, you're going to have to convince her that it's a nice place. First, drain her energy with a run. Does she have her own bed?
If yes, then put it in the crate. If you have a Kong, fill it with peanut butter and place it on top. Keep the crate open all the time so she knows that she can come out. Also, keep Mia away during this process. Tell Daisy to go to her bed and leave out of view. See what she does. The peanut butter smell should be strong enough to lure her in. If she does get in, don't say anything. Let her as long as possible. Then call her out for a walk or for play time so she can experience getting out on her own.
This is a process and it will take time and patience so bear with her.
Every night or time, you put her in the crate, call her and let her go in on her own.
Wait until she's settled and relaxed before closing the gate. If you closed it while she whines, that's how a habit starts to form. She associates whining with the crate.
Always make her wait before opening it.

I suggest you start doing activities with both dogs. Taking both on a light jog since Mia is 12. Have one on each side and bounce a ball as you walk to make sure they keep their attention off each other. When you think they're comfortable, put them side by side without hesitation. One thing you have to know is that your energy affects them so make sure you're always projecting calm and assertive energy.
Let them eat next to each other as well.

Good luck!
Visit for tips and advice:)
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