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I would really really appreciate any help that we can get as we have tried everything and feel like we are left with no option but to rehome our beautiful dog. Sadly we don't have the option to get a trainer in as we are financially struggling.

We have a 3 year old male Lhasa Apso that has been neutered. In March 2020 I fell pregnant and started work with the dog to prepare him for baby by putting up baby gates, playing baby noises/cries, getting used to a little less attention and he was fine.

Sadly since we have brought our baby home (now 4 months old) the dog won't stop peeing in the kitchen where he eats as if he is territory marking(I never thought a dog would pee where they sleep and eat!). To be clear we have not changed his pattern as to his walks or where he sleeps this has remained the same. We let him close to baby with supervision he will kiss babies hand and doesn't show any aggression towards the baby. He even brings his favourite toy to the baby to throw.

We have tried to retrain him with rewards so that he knows to pee in the garden and he does just fine so he knows where he needs to go. We have tried to block off the problem area but as soon as we open it back up he wee's there again. We have throughly carpet cleaned and bleached areas when he goes so there is no scent. What we have noticed is that the wee isn't an accident where he couldn't hold it (of which I would have no problem) its just a small scenting wee and he will usually sneak off into the kitchen to do it when we are at home.

We make sure that when we change the babies nappy is put out straight away so he isn't smelling nappies around the house.

Anyone that visits is told to give lots of attention to the dog before looking to hold the baby but he does gets jealous even if you've been playing with him for hours.

We just don't know what else to do and baby will shortly be crawling. The last thing we want is baby to crawl through wee or to leave our dog so stressed and anxious all the time. We want whats best for him even if it breaks our hearts to rehome him.

Any advice or tips would be amazing.

Thank you

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I have never had children so have no experience of dogs with babies. So my suggestions may help in part, but hopefully others will have more to add.

First I suggest a vet check to make sure there isn't any UTI, which would make this medical rather than behavioural.

bleached areas when he goes so there is no scent.
Bleach actually can leave an ammonia scent, so switch to an enzymatic cleaner and make sure to leave it down for 10 minutes to let the enzymes work before you wipe it up.

You could also try Adaptil. It comes in a spray (for blankets etc., not for directly on to the dog), a collar and a diffuser. It replicates the hormone a bitch has after having puppies and has a calming effect on dogs.

Then, really strengthen toilet training. Whenever he toilets outside, immediately reward with several tiny pieces of roast chicken or frankfurter sausage. It has to be immediate to be clear that it's for toileting and not for anything else, and it has to be generous to make it worth his while to hold his toilet until he is outside. Don't react to indoor toilets, that will just make him reluctant to do it when you are there and he will just wait and do it when you are not around and leave you a surprise.
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