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I recently added a new puppy to my family 2 weeks ago, 3 on the 13th. And it has been so long since Ive had a puppy! Shes a stubborn little girl.
I had been told she was a Norweign Elkhound/Pointer cross but from looking at yhe parents Im leaning morr towards a Lab cross (mom looks like a long haired black lab if that makes sense and dad does look like either Red German Shorthaired Pointer or red nosed Pittie). I was also told she wa. 7 weeks at the time I picked her up (JAN 16) but took her to the vet last Monday and she said she was about 6-7 weeks meaning she was only 4 weeks at pick up. I thought she looked small but figured she was the runt because why would someone lie about that.
Anyways, Im having trouble with her pottying everywhere inside even after watching her pee (2-3 times medium andlarge voids) and poo outside; I can bring her in turn to hang up my coat to turn around and seeing her pee again. What am I doing wrong? I take her out every 45minutes to an hr, after eating and drinking, any sort of play and after naps.
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