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Hello people & dogs! My name is Ittay and I live in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
I’m well aware that this sort of post is not very common here so I apologize in advance to anyone who feels like this isn’t relevant. But I truly feel like it’s important for me to post this here.

Have you ever begun noticing how much a product is common only after purchasing it? For example, when you buy a new car and you begin to see the same car model “everywhere”? (Although it was probably pretty common before you started paying attention to it). The same happened to me, though from a different perspective. I lost my dog a few months ago. It took us a day but we were fortunate to find him wandering around the city. To be honest, it was clearly one of the worst days of my life.

Since then I haven’t been able stop noticing the unreasonable amount of pets that go missing every single day; so I started looking for possible solutions. There are many solutions out there, most of them come in form of a tracking device that attaches to a pets’ collar, it includes a cellular Sim card and a GPS tracking device that helps you find your pets if they get lost. Unfortunately there are two big issues with the current solutions:
1. They are two expensive and almost always include hidden service provider fees (monthly/annual)
2. They demand replacement or recharging the batteries after every few days of use.

This is why I contacted a few tech experts to help me think of a better solution. They offered an incredible idea, no more tracking devices; instead, they offered to create a collar that can start transmitting the pets’ location whenever you need to know it. It will cost less money and the batteries are supposed to last ‘forever’.

Now I find myself thinking of taking it towards a crowd-funding project and give up my day job. Though, before I do this and take all the risk, I’d be happy to talk to pet (Dogs or cats) owners and to hear from you whether you’re interested in this sort of product. Did anyone buy any other devices and stopped using them because of the batteries charging procedure?
If we do start manufacturing I would love for people (from any part of the world) to volunteer for a free 1st version of the product so we can learn from your experience and improve our product. (There is no exposure of any kind of danger to your pet. Moreover, most products include cellular sim cards, we decided not to use one so there is no radiation and there aren’t any monthly/annual fees).

The only thing I ask of you is to please comment on this post, suggest ideas (for example: track the dog's health by measuring daily activity), let us know what features you’re interested in. If you’re willing to contact me privately you can send me an Email here: [email protected]

Even if you decide not to contact me, I thank you for reading this post.
I wish an awesome week for all pets and pet owners around the world!
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