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I have four dogs and we live in Cambodia so our access to quality dog food is a little bit limited.

We have always fed home cooked food but because we are not so sure about balancing the food we typically feed half home cooked and half dry or wet pedigree dog food (thai-made) because we cannot find vitamins that we would need to add ourselves, and if we did there is a good chance the will be counterfeit.

Originally we wanted to turn to a raw food diet, but because the lack of vitamin supplements, the heat and other aspects here we decided to stick to cooked.

Anyway I want to ask your opinion of this recipe, we boil the meat and having four dogs (three of which are large breed) it doesn't last long but I am just wondering about if you think it is balanced enough or not;

1 kg lean chicken meat
500g pigs blood
200g lean pork
200g lean beef
200g pork liver
green pepper

We also occasionally add baby eggs (fertilised duck eggs) which are a a common food here and the dogs go crazy for them!

We also free feed pedigree kibble in small amounts and I am planning to at least once a week feed the baby eggs with a tablespoon of pumpkin each and one can of sardines in water between four dogs with a tablespoon of natural yogurt.

I read many confliciting things about how to balance the diet and some of the ingredients, such as baby eggs and pigs blood, it is hard to find any information at all on.

I asked my vet for advice but they just suggested that we feed only dry kibble which I do not agree with.

Any suggestions or comments both positive and negative would be greatly appreciated.


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Home cooking can be difficult, considering it's just that. Cooked. With cooking, most all of the nutrients are cooked away and the hard part is trying to balance out what is lost by adding a bunch of supplements to compensate. If you will look into raw, by feeding all meat/bones/organs everything is supplied nutritionally that is needed. But, there is a correct way to do it, but no supplements are needed with maybe the exception of fish oil. Here is a place to start looking into it. This link has a getting started guide to help, as well as forums. Prey Model Raw - PMR dog food
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