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What type of dog coat would you recommend?

  • One that secures with one strap across their chest and one strap under the belly.

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  • One that slips over the head, thru the front legs, and secures on left and right sides of the body.

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Hi Everyone!

Milo and I just joined dogforum and we're very excited to be part of this online community! Milo is a 45 lb mutt with with some Dachshund, German Shepherd, Doberman, and even possibly Irish Wolfhound (according to his DNA test! :ponder:) He is indeed the Every Dog since everyone who meets him fondly sees a bit of their own dog, or a past beloved dog, in him. He's got soulful eyes, what can I say? They certainly worked their magic on me when I met him 4 years ago!

We've recently started doing more outdoor activities as a family and really enjoy bringing Milo along. He LOVES riding in the car with us and HATES being left behind at home. He doesn't get separation anxiety, but he just gets really sad knowing we're off to explore new places without him.

In preparation for winter, I'm starting to shop around for a coat for him. We don't plan on doing anything crazy in sub-zero temperatures, but I'm looking for something that can keep him reasonably warm and dry.

In my online shopping I noticed there are 2 basic kinds of doggy coats:

A) ones that secure with one strap across the chest and one strap across the belly (no coverage between their front legs)

B) ones that slip over their head with a piece that goes between the front legs and secures on the left and right sides of their body (covers the chest and torso fully)

I've attached some photos to hopefully make this clearer...

I'm a bit indecisive at this point about which kind I should get for Milo and would love to hear your thoughts!! Which would you recommend??

Thanks dogforum people!!! :wave:


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With that mix, what's his fur like? Short, long, medium?

I don't find the synthetics that great for keeping a dog warm and dry. My small dogs always have a real wool sweater but I wouldn't want to dress a larger breed. You can get the wrap coats you posted about in wool. Anything that gives maximum coverage - and allows movement and the ability to pee is good.

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What kind of coat does Milo have? If he's double coated he may not even need a winter coat unless you plan on spending hours out in the cold. My terrier mix was 24 lbs and had a thick double coat and on more then one occasion I found him out in 30 degree weather sleeping with the snow falling on him even though he had a dog house he could have gone into if I wasn't home to let him inside.

As far as those coats, I now have a chi x dach mix and I prefer the coats that cover his chest since he has next to no fur on his lower chest and belly. This is the one I am currently using and the only one I've found that he semi doesn't mind wearing he firmly believes that he should be able to run around naked.

I had this one for him but it didn't fit right and he hated it That coat is super warm and you may have better luck with it fitting right, my boy have very weird measurements and it's super hard to find coats and harnesses that fit him
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