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I lost every last thing of Lola's in the flood. I had a Furminator as well as a Kong Zoom Groom. The former served the under coat well, and the latter served the top coat.

Lola is a SHEDDING MSCHINE. Top coat. Every time I used the Furminator, I was astounded at how much undercoat I got out, but her undercoat never seemed to be lingering around the house. It's always the bristley top coat hairs--and millions of them. While I do really love the Zoom Groom, I could literally be brushing her til I didn't have the strength anymore, and I never really saw an improvement in the amount of fur inside the house.

I'm wondering if it'd be worth it to purchase another Furminator and what you can recommend for her coat (think Lab meets Pitbull coat) to keep the shedding at bay.

Thanks all!
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