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Need House Training Advice Please!

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I have a 9 month old chihuahua-mini schnauzer mix. I've had him since he was 8 weeks old. (BTW, he is my first dog). I live in a condo and take him outside on a leash. I bought one of the dog door bells when he was about 3 months old and he took to it right away. My problem is that frequently he will ring the bell and we'll go outside and he won't go to the bathroom. He'll watch people or cars or birds or dig in the grass. I give him a few minutes and if he doesn't show any pooping or peeing signs we go back in. Then in 15-30 minutes he'll ring the bell again. Sometimes we do this 4-6 times an a row. I know if he peed or pooped just a short time (1-2 hours) ago he probably doesn't have to really go but I'm afraid not to take him out. He sleeps 8 hours at night without having to go, and sometimes 3-4 hours during the without having to go. Sometimes I think he's just bored and wants to go out. Since we're in the midst of winter and 20 degree weather I would appreciate any advice.
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I'd put him on a schedule and not rely on him to ask to go out. He can last 8 hours overnight because he's asleep, so he'll need to go out more often when he's awake and active.

I'd start by taking him out every 3 hours unless he's especially active or has been drinking more than usual.
If you really want to keep using the bell It'll take some time and a lot of watching for signals that he needs to go. You're definitely right that he's just ringing the bell to go outside and not strictly for pottying. I would aim to take him out every 4 hours or so, and if he's gone out in less time than that and hasn't ate or drank a bunch recently than I would ignore the bell. Also watch his body language, he'll act a bit different if he needs to go out. After he rings the bell you should be watching him closely for signs he needs to go out. He might make the connection, he might not. Give it a go for a while and see how it goes. If he's still ringing the bell just to go outside after a few weeks then I would say either get used to multiple trips outside or just set him on a schedule and don't wait for him to let you know. At 9 months my pup went out first thing in the morning, before I left for work, when I got home from work, and before bed. (sometimes he needs an additional break in the evening, I just watched his body language) On the weekends, he's out first thing in the morning, 1pm, 6pm and before bed.
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