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our dog has been sick for over a month. First we took him to our local Vet but after a week he was the same. Then we took him to an animal hospital and after huge bills and many, many test like ultrasounds, x-rays, blood tests and many injections, he came out 2 weeks later the same. Now another vet is looking after him and still his symptoms are baffeling her also. He started with not eating. Then he started vomiting and diahoria. Now he is so weak that he can't even stand up. He has stopped vomiting but only because we feed him with a siringe. He won't drink either. He has a slight liver problem as it is a little high but not alarmingly high either. No one seems to know what is wrong with him. Has anyone experienced this before please?

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It would be a lot more helpful if you can elaborate much more than that.

Exactly what tests were done?
What were the results? Numbers? Ultrasound and xray findings?
What medications has he been on?
What medications is he currently on?
What was his food before this?
What are you feeding now?
What did the vomit look like?
What did the diarrhea look like?
Is he jaundice/icteric? (yellow)?
What diagnosis did they give you, tentatively, if any?

Sorry, there's just not enough info there to give any educated guesses. The more info, the better.
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