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I have an old English Matiff (june), a middle aged beagle (pebbles), and a young active pup (Minnie [Husky/pugX])
Minnie was adopted when she was about 8 months old by my boyfriend (before we lived together) I have had June and Pebbles for 4-5 years.
Minnie came in with high energy, food aggression, and general stubborn behavior. We have worked with and made adjustments for the food aggression.
There are occasional spouts of aggression over beds and sometimes unknown factors.

But the big problem, is when we leave for work, the dogs have a room, June and Pebbles are loose (they usually sleep all day) and Minnie has her crate.
Recently, when we get home, Minnnie's crate is in the middle of the room, and June and Minnie have a very hostile attitude towards eachother.
Our dog walker has started letting the two older ones out and walking the young one separately.
I'm not sure if there is anything I can do about (what I am assuming is happening) - June is barking and upset with Minnie in the crate, they crate fight, and Minnie's crate gets moved around - and she waits until she can get out to go after June.
Pebbles doesn't really do anything, she is really mild and relaxed, unfortunately, sometimes she gets in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets hurt.
Does anyone have any suggestions for these guys?
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