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We have two rescue dogs, one is 10 years old, the other is 1.5 years old. We had terrible problems with the older dog for years and years with digestive problems and atopy.

We got the older one's digestion better with some supplements and lot of diet experimentation settling on rabbit, sardines, butter, veggies, and some dried rabbit parts. He had severe chicken allergy that seemed to be the main cause of the digestion problems, but he was also allergic to beef, salmon, duck, and pork. Supplements that worked best were isocort( no longer available) and humic acid

The past year or so he is sort of functionally cured, though he still licks there is no dermatitis.

A few years ago we went as far as to get a hair test on the older dog. It turned out he had very high levels of aluminum. We tried a few treatments but nothing seemed to work as far as reducing aluminum. I wonder sometimes if the rabbit they eat are fed some sort of pellets that are toxic with aluminum.

On to dog #2. He was diagnosed with parvo the day we received him. There was some confusion as to whether he actually had it or not, but he was treated and seemed fine after that, though a bit starved from his former life.

We thought how great it was not to have another atopic dog, or at least one whose saliva did not cause dermatitis from constant licking... until about 6 months ago. He too started the endless licking over the winter, and now during summer it has gotten worse, and as bad as our first dog used to be.

We're onto vet #6 or so currently. No one previously had recommended a biopsy until this vet and so we had it done about 10 days ago and are waiting for the results. He got some spot on as a trial to see if mites were the cause but no improvement was noted.

I would like to know the most likely causes of atopy and of course any treatments that have a chance of curing things. We've considered that it is something transmittable from the first dog to the younger one, pollens, food allergies, mites, parasites, or other plant/grass allergies.

We got preliminary results from the biopsy of a skin staph infection, but the vet said it is not the cause, just a co-infection that happens with other problems.

Aside from the atopy, both dogs are in excellent health, nearly perfect digestion, sleep and energy.
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