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Need help potty training adolescent dog

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I have a nine month old mini Australian shepherd that I got from a breeder. She has been with us for 3 weeks and she is a true gem, very smart but we can't get her potty trained. We have had numerous dogs in our lives and never had this problem

She is crate trained and keeps her crate clean. We take her out on a set schedule and walk her 3 times a day. She is never left unattended or out of our view and has limited access to the house when not in crate. Must be in same room as we are in. Although she poop's outside a few times a day she squats and poops in the house directly in front of us. Does not sniff or circle so there is no warning. She will not make any effort to ask to go out. Any suggestions?

With the breeder she was fed once a day and we now feed her twice a day as we have another dog that is on that feeding schedule.

We are trying to get her interested in ringing the bell to go out but she has no interest.

We are so frustrated and can't keep a dirty dog.
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