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Need advise for dog we are strugling with

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Hi everyone,

i really need some advise, 12 months ago we go a sharpai cross puppy much against my better judgment but i was convinced my partner.

12 months on our situation as dramatically changed with us having a new baby and finding my partner without a wage due to just changing jobs 1 month before finding out she was pregnant.

Walter our dog, as a few problems with his skin and ears which are common in dogs of his bread, his fur keeps falling out and he keeps scratching himself till he bleeds. and because his ears are folded over there is no air getting into his ears which again is causing him to scratch his ears and make them bleed.

on top of all this he keeps jumping on the baby, not in a attacking her kind of way but in a playing way he is fine with our cats and over children.

all in all we just can not afford the treatment he needs and can not cope with him in the house.

we have contacted various out lets to try and give him up all wanting upfront payments and help towards his vet bills etc.

we cant advertise him for sale because he needs to much doing and we are scared of advertising him as free to a good home etc in case someone bad takes him for the wrong reasons.

he really is a lovely dog we just have absolutely no idea what to do or what to try next,

any advise would me much appreciated
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Have you contacted a rescue in your area?
Our local Humane Society will accept owner surrenders for reasons such as you describe. They can treat for medical conditions and then rehome. You should try to look into something like that.
Which country/ state are you located? You could search Animal Shelter adopt a pet; dogs, cats, puppies, kittens! Humane Society, SPCA. Lost & Found. for rescue groups in your area. Some will take owner surrenders.
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