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So long story short, I'm clicker training a Lovebird and I need another marker other than a clicker to use. Because I don't want my dog hearing the clicker that doesn't involve her.

I'm thinking about using a flashlight, but I need to find that "perfect one".

I need one that has all the attributes of a clicker, but in a light.

Easy to press, consistent duration, consistent light, goes on fast. I tried a few flashlights here at home and they were either too difficult to put on and off quickly or they turn on in a different way each time. (Changes between lazer, light, and flashing handle). I also need one thats not toooooo bright, as I don't want to scare the bird.

Is there "the flashlight" that trainers like to use for training? I'm looking to get one on amazon, if I can.

Thank you!
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