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I don't use any flea preventatives, and my dog has never had fleas. I prefer to rely on a healthy immune system, gained through a healthy species appropriate diet and no artificial immune disruptors. Fleas, ticks and mosquitos are not attracted to a healthy host because a healthy immune system is able to annihilate their off-spring. Many in the natural rearing community can attest to this, having their raw fed, non-vaxxed or minimally-vaxxed animals exposed to fleas but never having them get infested. They might see two or three fleas hitching a ride on their dog after being in contact with an affected animal, but they are generally gone within a couple of days never to return, whereas the conventionally cared for animals, despite being given preventives, are infested.

Shirley's Wellness Cafe has quite a bit about natural flea/tick preventatives and solutions.

Are Sugar Substitutes & Flea Products Poisoning Your Pets?
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