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I have 2 SCWT(soft coated wheaten terriers) named Murphy and Casey. Murphy is very big very a wheatie and is almost 3 years old. Casey is turning 8 in march and has sists. They are both the sweetest puppys ever. The only time Murphy has ever bit someone was when they hit me as a joke, he is very protective...But I've decided to post some pics of my babys so here they are!!-

You can see Caseys sists here

Casey smells something

RunAway from the Camera!!

My big baby Murphy

Incase you haven't noticed Casey is not very

At least shes facing me

Murph loooves sticks!

Hes almost 3 and still has black/brown puppy hair!!

Hidind under the hammock

Itching his famously itchy nose(we don't know why but its always been itchy for him!!)

Itching on his momma

Casey making a funny face -.-(Shes wearing a shirt to protect her sists from murphs wrath)

Murph lookin sad...AWWWWW

KKs beautiful face

Big Boyz face


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Super cute pics! I enjoyed both the pics and the comments! You have some very beautiful dogs! Thanks or sharing!
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