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I have posted on here about my stepdad before though it has been awhile. He has gotten better with his treatment of Jules but that's about it. One of the biggest issues me and him have is the amount of food Jules and Sophie get, along with their weight. He constantly insisted that I did not feed them enough food and that they where hungry because they where getting into the trash. Sophie is fed more than what the bag says and Jules is fed what the bag says but he still thinks it is not enough. Both dog's are over weight by about 10lbs and he still insists that they are to thin. He is always giving me crap about Rocky being to thin because he has a waist, even though I tell him the vet says he is at a perfect weight.

Neither of their dog's get exercise except for when they are in the backyard. They don't get walked and they get no training unless I do it myself. I use to take Jules to the dog park and do training with her but have stopped due to my stepdad berating me about my methods. I also just don't have the time anymore since my dog Rocky is such a high energy dog and I have two horses to see to also. Sophie is not a very high energy dog and is perfectly happy with the exercise she gets. I feel that she would loose weight if I cut her food back to where it's supposed to go but my stepdad throws a fit every time I say something about it. Jules on the other had is soooo insanely hyper, she is only 17 months and really needs an outlet for all that energy. Sadly she never gets it unless I do it and I can only really get her out of the house on the weekends. My stepdad is only home on the weekends and every time I say something about him walking her or taking her to the park, he says "I'm not moving from this chair, I been driving a truck all week". That's all I ever get and have since stopped asking.

He also seems to think that the dog's speak English and know what he is saying to them. When I let them inside they come in excited sometimes and I just ignore them until they settle. They know that they will get no attention from me until they are calm, so they tend to calm down really fast. My stepdad on the other hand walks around saying in his alpha voice "settle down!", "I said settle down NOW!". He follows them around the house doing this and it keeps the energy level up so that they won't settle until he stops. He also gets mad at them begging but then feeds them food while he is eating and just says "all done" like they know what that means? They are not even aloud to look at him from across the room while he eats. One of his favorite things to do is grab Jules by the collar and talk to her about how she needs to behave and listen to him.

None of the dog's are aloud to be vocal which is not easy for Rocky since he is a serious talker. It's just who he is and no amount of training is going to make him stop. I have accepted him for who he is but my stepdad still thinks it's him displaying and saying he is the "alpha"! Rocky is now scared of him because he likes to yell at him and stare him down. When he does this I usually am not home and only know about it because he brags about it. That's why when I am not home now Rocky is in my room with strict rules to not let him out except to go potty then back to my room.

Their two dog's just last Wednesday got into a horrible fight! Sophie almost left us and spent the night at the vet's office. Stepdad can't handle the sight of blood so it was left to me to handle the situation. As soon as I looked at Sophie I realized that she was in shock and needed the vet asap! After getting her to the vet and taken care of I went home and cleaned Jules off. She had a few cut's and her ear was ripped a little, other than that she was fine.

Both where put on antibiotics and pain killers, all of which I had to give. I also was the one to see to the cleaning, treating and bandage changing, most of the time all on my own. My mom was the only one to say thank you for this, while my stepdad just criticized how I gave them their pills. My stepdad was convinced that a dog got into the backyard and started the fight because there was no way Jules would of done that to Sophie. I do not know what happened and do not dwell on it since we will never know, though did mention putting cameras up. I also told him that a fight is the chance you take with multiple dog's loose in a yard unsupervised.

Today he decided that it was Sophie who started the fight and Jules who finished the fight. Sophie supposedly went after Jules for no reason at all, was just walking by Jules and lunged at her snarling. He insisted that he saw it with his own eyes and that Sophie has an attitude problem. Later he said he was half asleep when he heard Sophie snarl and woke up and called to her. So obviously he did not see it like he said but now he is being a total butthead to Sophie and telling her to adjust her attitude because he is "alpha dog in this house!"

I don't say anything because my mom and him are already having some issues due to his son and I don't want to add to it. I can't vent to my mom because it just stresses her out even more and I don't want to add to her stress. I am moving out next may so I just keep telling myself that and spend most of my time in my room.

Thank You to those of you who read all of that and thank you for letting me rant!:thumbsup:
Most importantly, is that a good man for your mother?

I don't know what to say, you seem to do your best but in the end that's not a good home for those dogs :(
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