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Hallo Everyone,

Okay I said it - Coraline is a jerk. Not so much with people, though we are still working on personal space and bite inhibition (she is getting better a tiny bit every day).

but with other dogs- with other dogs she is jerkymcjerkerton. She is constantly snarky, constantly pushing, and it is very unbecoming.

She spends all her time running around taking things from other dogs. She doesn't play with it mind you. She just goes takes it away and drops it and moves on to taking whatever the other dog has! and then goes back to the first dog and takes their new thing away.

Also when it comes to food - we feed all the dogs separately in their crates (it makes life easier) however Cora spends the first 10 minutes of meal time lunging at the sides of her crate and barking/snarling at the other dogs before settling down enough to eat.

She will also growl and nip (quite hard) at the other dogs if she wants attention from a person and they are getting attention. She gets immediately corrected for that and is slowly learning she has to wait her turn.

Really I am just looking for opinions/ideas on how to tune down her general snark?

Now I am talking to some Borozi people and of course a couple of local trainers but I figure the more people to ask the more ideas I will get.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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