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I'm from Houston Texas and love my furry friends. I have 2 Pomeranians(spencer and sophie). Spencer is 10 yrs old and was born on same date that my mom passed away. His sister Sophie is 8 yrs old. About 2 weeks ago a female puppy showed up at our door and we put flyers up for weeks but no replies. We took her in and took her to vet where she was dewormed and we paid for her shots and got her on a med vet plan. We own 2 pomeranians and we noticed Stella loves to nip the tails of the poms and loves to bite anything she sees.

Does this breed get along with other breeds? We want to keep her but not risk danger to our other 2 dogs. Stella is about 3-4months and growing every day. I have family/friends who tell me I just need to teach her the right way to behave and we are willing to do that. Just nervous she might hurt our 2 poms.

Just curious on how she behaves with other dogs. We did a DNA and found out Stella is American Staffordshire Terrier, chow chow and Rottweiler. The dominant breed is American Staffordshire Terrier.


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