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Hi there, guys. I recently found this forum and today I decided to register and finally create my first thread. I have always loved dogs. When I was a kid, my parents always refused to buy me a dog (sad story, huh) :D .
Today, I decided to turn my passion for puppies into something like a business. I created my own designed Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt and uploaded it in a site called Teespring (you have probably heard of it already). The site basically works this way: you upload your own tee design and get people to buy it. However, there is a minimum amount of tees that have to be pre-ordered, in order your tees to be printed and sent to people. So if you are searching for a puppy-designed sweater, you can find one here.
I chose a "Merry Woofmas" type of design. It just sounds really fun and eye-catching. The idea is the sweater to have this homemade effect (the style of sewing your grandma used to make lol).
Wish me luck with my campaign. Thanks for reading.
Cheers :)
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