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My sweet old pooch has been developing doggy dementia or doggy Alzheimer's.

(She sits and stares into space. I'm told that's an early sign. Plus her hearing's going and/or she forgets I'm there for a second.)

She's always been a little hyperactive, working herself into tizzies at night, and I have to wait it out, sometimes a good walk exhausts her, or worst case, some doggy tranqs. She was diagnosed with white dog shaker syndrome many years ago.

Last night, when she usually demands her middle-of-the-night bathroom break outside, she wouldn't go tinkle. She went outside and wanted to wander into the shadows. She tried to navigate stuff on the patio and bonked into some of it.

Plus she doesn't want to be touched. She'll lower her head, and at most I can touch it for a second or two, then she jerks away as if she's frightened.

Is she forgetting who I am in the middle of it, then startled by a stranger petting her head?

is there anything I can do to alleviate all this for her?

Thanks so much, everybody --

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