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My New Dog and Sister for Skipper

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Hi All,

I was feeling badly for Skipper being the lone dog in the house while I'm at work all day, so I decided to look around for a sibling for her.

I saw this little irresistible face (see pictures below) on the Facebook page of the rescue group from whom I adopted Skipper. Isn't she just so cute? She's only 13 pounds, and she looks just like a miniature Blue Picardy Spaniel.

She came from a hoarding situation, and she's very timid and unsure. I really didn't want a nervous dog, but the thing that struck me about her is that she seems scared, but not nervous. I know that doesn't make sense. :confused: She doesn't really shake or shiver or try to appease me. She is very calm, and she has always let me approach her without making any real effort to run away. At first, she would put her head down and lower her eyes, but now she actually comes up to me sometimes for pets.

I just had to share. I think she's the cutest thing ever! If any of you have guesses as to what her breed mix is, I'd love to hear.


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