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We don't know if our pup autumn is a chihuahua or a min pin. When we got her we were told she was a chiweenie, but I don't see any resemblance of a dachshund... any ideas?

There's really no telling if she's a Chi x Dach, or a different Chi mix, or a small breed with no Chi in her at all.

This is Zody my Chi x Dach mix, he tends to favor a Chihuahua rather then a Dachshund but I can see some Dach in him.

In this photo you can see his chest and how it resembles a Dachshunds chest.

This is one of the best head shots I have of him. In it I can see more of a Chihuahua expression but with a slightly longer muzzle then a Chi should have. Also the ears are all Chi LOL.

Last one but I have a couple hundred more at least, yes I have a Zody photo addiction :rolleyes: I picked this one because it's a pretty good one for showing his body structure. He has the longer body structure of a Dachshund, but slightly longer legs then one.

When people guess his breed they always ask if he's a Rat Terrier. I've yet to have anyone guess Chi x Dach mix.
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