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I have had dobermans for 38 years, now my last 11 year old passed away and 10 days alter I was awaiting for my new Red Doberman, well he has arrived and I am not so young any more, I had not considered me being able to keep up with all his energy. Well I will leave a Picture of my new pretty boy and I hope we become friends as much as all my other Dobermans in the past, I will only live a few more years with some sort of life, so I want my buddy there all the way, We love dogs so much we started to make unique Dog Breed aptio face stones, for others can enjoy them as much as we do.Dog Stones - Unique Lawn Garden Statues
wit vets have stopped cropping it made it hard for us to get the puppy's ears done, we needed to fly half accross Canada to get a Vet to due the operation, now he looks like a Doberman not a hound dog ears lol,


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