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Hi all. I posted last week about my new rescue pup (we think she's about 10 months) who was too scared and distracted on walks to go potty. Good news - she's got this potty thing down, for the most part! She's finally comfortable enough to go several times a day and even uses one little scratch on the door to tell us if she has to go off of her usual schedule. I'm so proud of her!

The problem now is that we can't get her to cooperate on the leash. This is a new problem just within the last 2-3 days (we have had her for 10 days) and I'm afraid it's going to become a habit with her. Her leash problems are a combination of:
  • I am smelling something amazing and need to pull you strongly and immediately in that direction. The problem here is that she pulls into places that are dangerous (like a steep hill filled with rocks that I can't climb, or into deep woods) or somewhere we're not allowed to be (like someone's private property). She's really strong, and I've tried standing like a tree, but I physically can't keep it up because she will hurt one of us by pulling so hard.
  • or, I see something amazing and I want to just stand here and stare at it even if I already did potty and now we have to go inside. Even when I allow an hour outside with her, she would actually spend all day doing this and there's no way we can do that. Sometimes she will even sit and watch a bird or something she's interested in. When I sit with her, she eventually gets over it and then goes back to pulling.

We've tried redirection with sound, touch, treats, and toys and she is absolutely not interested for more than the very first second we try it. We have been watching YouTube videos and reading everything we can find on the internet and still nothing is working. She doesn't bark outside and is such a good girl inside. She eats well and loves to play - we have so many toys and Kongs to keep her occupied. She was doing much better on the leash in the few days before this, and we could walk and run together and she would have a great time until she started getting obsessed with pulling or standing. We live in a condo community so we don't have a backyard for her, but our community has extensive hills and fields and woods.

I'm concerned that this is going on right now when we have a heat wave, and she refuses to go back home so that we can have water. I've tried bringing water with us, but she is not interested in that either. When we do get back inside, she is exhausted.

I would really appreciate any advice! I've been carrying her home from walks the last three days so I make sure she gets out of the heat and gets water. And she's over 40 lbs!
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