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My furby has it all - CHF, Diabetes & Kidney Failure

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I am not here for a diagnosis just support and if anyone shares a similar experience.

My dog bijoux (female) is 13.5 years of age. November 2022 she was diagnosed with diabetes and shortly after CHF from a missed murmur. This was very hard for us because she does regular blood checks and vet visits as she's an older dog and we don't understand how the murmur was misdiagnosed for "collapse trachea".

Anyway forward to present day, she was doing extremely well on her meds, however, last week before the end of January 2023, she started vomiting, refusing to eat and distancing herself. We rushed her to the vet to repeat blood works and saw that her kidneys failed.

I am distraught, confused and totally shattered. The vet is trying to "save" her kidneys and wants to give her a fighting chance. Euthanasia is on the table but I never wanted to have to do this to a dog again.

Looking forward to anyone's kind response.
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I'm sorry to hear this. It's heartbreaking when our pets are unwell, and older ones are a source of worry. Sending positive wishes.
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