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I have been away from the forum for a while, super busy summer, forgot my passwords blablabla. But its great to be back.

Please move this post if its in the wrong place. It is an introduction, has some health stuff and some training stuff.

One week ago we got our first foster dog Simba.

He is 10-11 months old, scared of most things and a total sweetheart. He gets on perfectly with my Jasmine. He is slightly underweight and missing some of his hair as he was so anxious in the shelter environment.

In the last week, he has already made a lot of progress, he is barking a lot less, he is seeming much less fearful. He is the perfect dog to train. He is very eager to please and gets new commands within 2-3 tries. He responds amazingly to CCing
He is so perfect in the house, zero accidents, no destruction. He does require a lot exercise though!

I would like to ask people what advice they can give me on a couple of issues.
His skin is still really sore where he lost his hair, I leave him in a crate for 5 hours a day while I am at work and I come back and he is bleeding from scratching himself. Its better since he got groomed, but he is really slowing down his healing. I am rubbing aquaphor on it. I am also transitioning him to orijen (from pedigree) It is slowly getting better, but I want to do anything I can to make him heal up faster.

His training on all his issues is going really well. He is never going to be a total social butterfly, but I feel very confident that he will be able to handle most situations fairly soon. However I have never seen him in a relaxed happy posture with a doggy smile (except when he is panting from exertion) How can I just make him happier? Or do I just have to wait for that?

I am not sure how much to feed him. He is going to be on Orijen Adult (which is an all life stages food) He is around 45lbs, not dangerously underweight, but I can see his hip bones and spine. He is also very active.

Also what is the best way to get your fosters adopted?
I have made him an instagram account
(for anyone interested in pics!)
I am trying to get him seen by as many people as possible, so please share with people who live in or close to New Jersey! Message me or respond to this thread if you have any questions about him!
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