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My sister is in the air force and her husband is in the military, so for a few months neither one can take care of her dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, so I have temporary custody. She came at the end of march.

For the most part it's been ok, although there's definitely some bumps. Vedah(my sisters dog) has never lived with another dog and only sparsely socialized, because my sister and her husband are very busy. She's all right with other dogs, but clueless about body language and fairly shy and just avoids them at first. Chess does not like other dogs(particularly females) so that's been a little rocky. Vedah didn't get that Chess growling meant leave her alone, and would either ignore it or after she got more comfortable, pester her, and that led to a few spats. But now that Vedah is catching on that simply staying out of Chess' space is the easiest solution, it's going much better. Chess still resource guards me from her like crazy though.

At first she paid no attention to the other dogs or what they were doing, didn't know how to share treats(mine wait patiently for their turn) and had no clue that when I talked to another dog it wasn't to her. Mine are good about only paying attention when I say their name, so it was kind of aggravating when I'd say something to them and she'd get in the way. But she's catching on to life in a multiple dog household now.

She won't wrestle with Echo yet, but she does join Chessa in chasing Echo as she zooms around at the speed of light. The yard is basically a dog racetrack now. Chess chases because her prey drive won't let her not, Vedah wants to herd and Echo just wants to play and if that's the only way she can get someone to interact, she doesn't care if they aren't very nice spirited about it, because she's faster anyway lol. Anyways on to some pics!

This perfectly explains what Chess thinks of Vedah...

4 is quite a zoo, but overall they're really pretty well behaved.

Training sessions are pretty amusing

Overall she's a pretty good dog, though I'll admit she's really not my type. I'm more into active outdoorsy dogs, and she's more like a cat. :p
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