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First post ever on Dog Forum, because I don't know what else to try.
My dog, Rocko, a 6 year old Dachshund and I have been doing agility for 4 years.
He is in Master Jumpers and Open Standard (Still!! since November of 2014, needs one more leg for his Title.)
He will not do the teeter at a trial. I can't figure it out.
We have a full size / regulation teeter at home that he does over and over.
He did the teeter at 2 of my agility mates' houses the first time he ever saw it with no problem and will do it whenever we're there.
He does the teeter at Agility class all the time.
It's just when we are at a trail - he'll start to walk up it, but then jumps off.
He runs the whole course beautifully, just doesn't do the teeter.
He's not nervous, he loves agility and knows what he's doing, he's very confident.
There's no point in training on a teeter that he already knows and does, and I can't take him out to do the teeter at a trial before he runs (against the rules).
I don' t know what else to do for him :)


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MdDVM is right.

Many dogs develop "trial issues," which are issues that only show up in trial environments. All of my students who have done a "teeter tour" have conquered their teeter fears. A "teeter tour" involves going around to visit about 12 - 24 different teeters in a short span of time (2 - 3 months). You have to be able to train on those teeters though, so teeters at trials don't count.

During this time, mix it up with your own teeter. Put weights on the down end to make it tip slowly. Put weights at the up end to make it tip faster. Proof the teeter at home with noises, toys, other dogs barking nearby or anything you can think of.

And yes, matches and fun runs are a must!!

There are other things to do, but they would depend on your individual dog. Good luck!!
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