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My dog seems to have had an upset stomach for over 12 hours now

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Last night around 6pm I noticed my dog acting "off." I can always tell when his stomach is bothering him, he gets the saddest look on his face and sits up with his head hunched over. This has happened a few times throughout the 3 years I've had him, and he always throws up not long after he starts acting that way. This time though it has been over 12 hours and he has not thrown up.

He was restless and anxious all night and would barely lay down for more than a few minutes. He wasn't crying and doesn't appear to be in pain, just uncomfortable? He did poop a little bit this morning and he ate his food and kept it down. He hasn't drank much water though. I am at work now, but my mom said he doesn't seem to be as restless anymore, but it could be because he's exhausted.

My first thought was bloat, especially with how restless he was. However, from everything I've read it seems bloat happens very quickly and a dog can die within a few hours. I can't tell if his stomach is extended because he has a strange chest/stomach to begin with. He let me touch it and it did not bother him when I gently pressed on it. It didn't seem to be hollow either as they describe in the symptoms for bloat. I also don't think he would have had a BM or eaten his food if that was the case. And most of all, I think it would have at least greatly progressed at this point if it truly were bloat.

I do have a vet appointment set up for him for later today, but I don't even know if it's necessary to take him. The receptionist was kind of rude when I asked for her opinion and she said it was up to me and said she didn't understand why I thought he had an upset stomach in the first place. I know it sounds crazy to someone who may not own a dog, but I know my dog and I know the second something is off with him. Whether or not a vet visit is necessary for an upset stomach, I have no idea. I hate having to spend the money if it turns out to be something simple.

Does anyone have experience with bloat? That is my biggest concern and the main reason I feel I need to take him to the vet. But if I can rule that out, I want to try and hold off another day or so and see how he feels then. The fact that he is eating and going to the bathroom makes me suspect it could just be a bug or something, but I guess I won't know for sure unless I do take him to the vet :/
Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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not a torsion/bloat at least, if bloat at all... dogs with bloat and torsion cannot eat or drink (no way to get food to stomach). And they really get a massively tympanic abdomen and in agony. You can bloat without a torsion (less common) but still dogs will usually not eat, often try to vomit and will feel/look bloated. But any dog who feels lousy like that should be seen in case it is something more serious (it may not be, but can't tell without examining your pet).
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