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My dog scruffy, and trying to teach him tricks

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Hey guys, since you all seem to be sharing your dog videos and pictures, I thought i'd get into the spirit too.

Here is me playing fetch with Scruffy. He is a rescue dog, around two years old and is a Parsons Jack Russell.

Lol, I want to teach him to roll over and stuff but i'm finding it difficult!
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Nice job and what a great rescue Scruffy looks to be. One thought, Scruffy totally is giving you his attention and focus which is a huge plus going forward. Perhaps using a verbal marker like a crisp "yes" the moment the dog executes his sit or "paw" rather than your delayed "good boy" will make it easier to communicate with Scruffy and in turn make future training easier.

These couple videos might help, they are a bit crude and the second video is certainly not a dog learning a rollover ab initio but should help you get the basic idea of training the dog to roll over. Teaching it in increments and guiding the dog with a treat or in your case the fetch toy maybe, Scruffy seems to love his fetch toy. If you haven't taught Scruffy a down yet, I'd start there.

What I like more about the second video versus the first is the verbal marker "good" is given more immediately followed by the reward. The first video at least shows a dog learning the rollover from the very beginning but she rarely uses a verbal marker during the process. I'm guessing Scruffy will learn a ton of tricks because you already have his attention so it seems from the video.
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Great. Thanks for the pointers and videos drivedog, appreciated.

I kind of have him following a down command, but only when I've got food. I'll post an updated video here once I have him rolling over, or at least halfway into the rolling movement!

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