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Hello everyone!

I have two dogs -- one 5 year old poodle mix and one 2.5 year old lab/hound mix. Both are rescues and we've had the poodle mix 4 years and the lab/hound 2 years.

Our poodle mix has a habit of chasing, grabbing but very rarely killing mice and small opossums. We usually find the opossums playing dead and he's only killed 1 mouse in the 4 years we've had him. It's not something we praise but instead sternly correct him when he does it. He also gets very aggressive until we get it away from him then he suddenly turns back into the sweet boy he is.

Previously, when this happens, our lab/hound alerts us by barking and we come outside (usually at night) to see her barking and looking at our poodle mix. She doesn't go near him.

Last night, we found a dead opossum in our back yard with our lab/hound. I'm afraid that she's starting to copy her brother but she has never shown signs of this before. (She usually ignores any squirrels, birds, etc when we're at parks or when we watch her play in the backyard) Usually, her brother will not want to come inside if he has his prey but last night, after their bathroom break, he waltzed in no problem but my parents found the opossum near our lab/hound (Kali).

I don't want her to start developing a high prey drive. I understand some dogs are inclined to and her mixes are but is there a way to curb this? My fear is that this will lead to aggression and with the neighborhood I live in (where there are not many dog lovers and many who do not have properly trained dogs) it's not something I want to risk.

She's an over all loving, sweet and affectionate dog, sometimes high energy but has never attacked or been aggressive in any way. We go out of our way to provide a safe environment for her and want her to continue to act how she usually does with unknown animals (which is mostly ignore them if they're squirrels, birds, etc.).

Sorry, lots of information, but feedback would be appreciated!

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