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First what kind of crystals did the vet diagnose? Oxalate or struvite? the treatment is determined by the type. Have they started your pup any antibiotics for bacteria?

Second, Jessie's right, normally a vet wouldn't start a 12 week old on urinary s/o or Hill's C/D as it isn't formulated for a growing puppy, especially one that is a large breed - it doesn't have the proper calorie/fat ratios a growing pup needs. I have seen urinary s/o do wonders for pets with chronic crystals and many have avoided requiring surgery to remove stones. That saying, I still wouldn't feed it until it was my very last option.

Personally I would try feeding a wet food in addition to the food you're feeding in order to add water. Also feed frozen pup cycles (frozen broth) as treats to get the water in. I would also try switching from a grain inclusive food to a grain free one like Acana, Orijen, Taste of the wild, Nature's Variety, Wellness, Zignature, etc.

Also at my clinic we recommend switching from regular tap water to either bottled or filtered (like a brita filter) too. I'm not exactly sure why, but the vets recommend it a lot and I personally have a brita just for my dog (she's never had issues and I'm hoping to keep it that way lol). I would also discuss adding a a cranberry supplement as I've heard those can do wonders as well.
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